Preparing a Room for Painting Part 3: Removing Window Coverings

Window coverings present a different dilemma.  If you have any mechanical aptitude, you will be able to look at the upper frame of your window covering, and figure out how they are attached to the wall.  After all, they were built to be installed by a human, so they should be uninstallable, too! 


Always try to enlist some help when attempting to remove a window covering.  Because they are long and top heavy, they can quickly become unmanageable when you disengage the attachment points.


Most blinds have a frame attached to the upper drywall surface inside the window opening, with a small valance hiding the frame.  The valance should be removed first, if at all possible.  Once removed, set the valance aside in a safe place.  You don’t want to step on your valance, and chances are you won’t be able to find a replacement for it, either.


Next, retract the window covering, into the smallest possible. Pulling the drawstring usually accomplishes this.  Once retracted, you should be able to see the side covers (for blinds), or the attachment points behind the window covering frame.  With your helper holding one side, gently flip the side cover open, or disengage 1 side of the window covering attachment.  A screwdriver or small pair of pliers will be a great hand tool to make this happen.  

Have your helper hold the disattached side for you, in a position close to it’s normal location.  Next, release the center attachment, and move to the other end of the window covering.  Open that flap, or release that attachment, while bracing the covering in position with your other hand.  Gently slide the window covering out and away from the window.

You will want to wrap the drawstring around the retracted window covering, so that it doesn’t get caught up on anything.  Label the window covering, either with a piece of tape or directly on the frame with a sharpie.  Make sure if you go the sharpie route, you mark an area that won’t be visible when you re-install the blind later on.  Removing permanent pen markings is almost impossible without blemishing the surface that you wrote on.

Finally, set the window covering aside in a safe place.

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