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DIY Cornhole Boards, Part 1

"Hey, you wanna play Cornhole?”  I was almost afraid to find out what that meant, on a recent summer vacation.  But once I started playing the popular beanbag toss game with our nieces and nephews, I was hooked.  Hated the name, love the game. I had to have my own set.

I found an easy to follow tutorial on building the game on the web, and proceeded to build two 2’x4’ boxes with the customary 6” target holes perfectly placed.

Once built, the boards looked like something I was forced to enjoy at YMCA summer camp. The generic plywood needed a little sprucing up. And since custom paint is my specialty, why not start there?

So I set out to find the perfect graphic element to emblazon on my boards. NFL logo? American flag? Too commonplace.

After scouring the web for ideas, I decided to draw inspiration from the classic wood-paneled Woodie. The gorgeous 2-toned lacquered wood against a candy colored paint job was just the kind of paint challenge I could sink my teeth into.

photo credit:  La vie en rose

photo credit: La vie en rose

I enlisted the help of my graphics-savvy daughter and made a couple of jumbo-sized prints of a simple hibiscus emblem at a local copy shop. I chose the perfect wood stain color, and had just the right shade of mint green custom paint mixed at my local Sherwin Williams.

With my boards built and my essential tools and paint supplies in hand, now the real fun could begin.

Next Time:  DIY Cornhole Boards Part 2 - Creating a Reverse Stain Image

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