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Our painting team gets a lot of compliments from clients, passersby at our jobsites, and others. Mostly because they see that we do things well, and how we go about doing it.

It’s fun to hear good things about our work. But it occurred to me that everything we do as a professional painting team that people see from the outside looking in, is a reflection of 30 + years of doing things wrong, and then figuring out the right way to do it.  By sheer necessity!

Time has given us the luxury of refining our techniques, to the level that we get to hear nice things from people that notice.

So now, you get the benefit of picking and choosing any topic that I’ve written on, or something else paint-related that you’re interested in.  All on us!

Jesus once said, “Freely you have received, so now freely give.”  I enjoy this lifestyle of giving back, because our small business has provided for us abundantly for over 3 decades.  And I’ve found that there is nothing more fun than helping someone with a task they had no idea how to do on their own. 

So read up on what intrigues you, and send your painting questions to asksteve@advancepainting.com. 

First up in our Preparing a Room series: Starting out Correctly

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