Exterior Paint & Finish


You live here because you love it here. Yet, ‘late night and early morning fog, with afternoon clearing,’ can wreak havoc on the exterior surface of any structure here in our Coastal Valleys. And unlimited sunshine will fade even the most vibrant colors over time.

Our exterior preparation begins with a visual search for mold and mildew. We typically find these environmental enemies on the north-facing elevation of most structures. But mold and mildew can grow anywhere, so we make sure to identify and kill what we find with a topical solution. This not only kills the mold and mildew, but also inhibits future growth. 

Next, a complete power wash is done, to rinse away dust, dirt, and sometimes difficult to remove old layers of paint. Microdust clings to buildings, and if it’s not washed from the surface it becomes the very thing that your new paint tries to bond to.  

Roof surfaces, windows, plants and landscaping, walkways, and driveways are covered and protected as we prepare your property.  We then scrape and sand away any flaking paint and dead wood fibers as needed, as far back as the surface requires. 

This important step is often not known by a homeowner, and is easily overlooked. Yet, if old wood substrate, with its dead, gray wood fibers is not sanded through to reach new brown wood fibers, even the best primers and paint will eventually fail. Dead wood holds no paint!

Once the old paint and dead wood fibers are removed, any trim or siding substrate material which becomes exposed during scraping and sanding is cleaned, and then primed with 100% Exterior Acrylic Primer.

Paint application begins only after all prep work is completed. We recommend quality finishes from our local suppliers such as Sherwin Williams, Kelly Moore, and Frazee Paints. If you have a favorite brand or product, we will always defer to your wishes.

Paints are carefully brushed and rolled, or machine-sprayed as each project dictates.  We always advise applying 2 full coats to exterior surfaces, as do all paint product manufacturers. This allows for the maximum protection and color retention that the manufacturer relies on for their products.

After all coatings are completed, we quality-check all of our work. Only then do we remove all tape, paper, plastic and paint equipment to reveal your beautifully enhanced home or building.

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