Interior Paint & Finish


We take pride in carefully protecting all of the important things in your home or office when we prepare to paint. Moveable items are labeled and set in a safe place. Furniture is moved to create a clean workspace.

Floors, windows, cabinets, counters, and other surfaces not intended for paint are covered to prevent dust and paint from ending up where they don’t belong.

Surface preparation is critical for our finished product to last as long as the manufacturer promises. It’s this unseen process that becomes the basis for an outstanding, durable paint job.

Surfaces are cleaned, cracks and holes repaired, and everything is sanded as needed.  Doors, trim and other enamel surfaces, as well as all repairs, are then fully primed using 100% Acrylic Primer.  

We don’t skip a step, and for good reason.  As a client, you are trusting your painting contractor to complete all phases of preparation thoroughly and professionally. Because you aren’t going to know if a step is missed, until possibly years later.  

We take that trust very seriously. Our customer base is made up of over 30 years of word-of-mouth referrals, from friends and families on the Central Coast and beyond. Your future referrals are as important to us as your brand new paint job is to you.

We buy top quality primers and interior finishes from our partners at Sherwin Williams, Kelly Moore, and Frazee Paints to meet your needs.  And if you have another favorite paint brand, we will always defer to your desires. 

The final product inside your home and office will be second to none in quality. That’s what over 3 decades in business produces; an atmosphere of attention to detail, creating long-lasting beauty and protection using your own favorite shades and tones. 

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