Wood & Cabinet Finish


Paint-grade wood trim and cabinets are cleaned, sanded, and then surrounding surfaces are taped and covered.  Cabinet drawers and doors are labeled and hardware and knobs are uninstalled and marked, so that everything goes back where it should.  

All surfaces are primed using 100% Acrylic Primer, and then lightly sanded to take down any wood fibers or imperfections in the primer coat.

We remove all sanding dust, and then apply your color of choice using professional-grade enamels, such as Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Waterborne Acrylic Enamel.  Pro Classic dries very hard compared to enamel wall paint, which makes it perfect for high-traffic surfaces.

We apply 2 full coats of enamel.  A single coat could possibly ‘cover’ sufficiently, meaning all surfaces will look uniform.  Yet, paint-grade wood trim and cabinets are opened, closed, wiped, cleaned, bumped and touched more than any other surfaces. A two-coat application insures that the your cabinets and trim will be as durable as promised by the manufacturer.

Finally we re-install hardware and knobs, and all doors and drawers are re-hung in their original positions. We will even install drawer and door bumpers, to protect contact points where painted surfaces will touch when closed.

Stain-grade wood and cabinets bring elegance to any interior area, especially kitchens and bathrooms.  We take great care in preparing these surfaces for stain and clear coats. Dirt, fingerprints, and pencil marks are all cleaned and sanded.  The same care is taken as with paint-grade surfaces in labeling doors and drawers, and un-installing hardware and knobs as required.  

Your preference of stain is applied, and then a lacquer sanding sealer coat is sprayed over all surfaces to protect the new stain. Surfaces are then sanded and all sanding dust removed. 

Finally, we apply 2 or more coats of clear lacquer finish of your choice.

We have had outstanding success with MacLac lacquer products here on the Central Coast, and highly recommend MacLac to our cabinet clients.

Reinstallation is then finalized, and your luxurious new woodwork is ready to use.

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